. Vite Vinifera De Vino's Blog: February 2009

Friday, February 06, 2009

Sorry for the silence

It's not because I'm lazy or I'm drinking less, but lately I am having a hard time finding a subject. Is this whats called writers block? Most likely yes!!! So what should I talk about during a bad case of writer block??? What about a nice dinner...
Last week it was my sister's birthday and I decided to get some Joe's Stone Crab shipped from Miami, I've already talked about those fabulous claws in the past, but I like to reiterate the fact that I love the next day delivery of fresh crab to my door.
Along with those succulent claws we had 3 different kinds of oysters that my sister picked at Citarella. So far, the best venue I found, along with Dean and Deluca for fresh oysters. But, I'm open to suggestions as well if you have any? We also enjoyed some Scottish smoked salmon from Russ and Daughters. It wasn't a real party, Piers and his girlfriend were part of it and Danilo joined us a little later, but it was more an excuse, to enjoy some great seafood, wine and company. One way to think less about your personal problems become inebriated with life. I was in charge of cracking the claws and shucking the oysters. Piers tried a couple with mixed results. So I put him in charge of opening the wines...yes right the wines. Ok! Let me just say that we might have gone overboard a little with the quantity. But sometimes it is better to have more then to run out, right? Going back to the God's nectar, I brought home a Magnum of Quintarelli Bianco Secco Ca del Merlo 2005 and a bottle of Villa Rinaldi Dolce di Creme` 1998, we loved it so much at the last dinner that I proposed an encore.
Piers participate with a bottle each of Percarlo 1998 and 1999 and we had to open a great bottle of Billecart Salmon Rose Non Vintage. Needless to say there is nothing better to put you in a great mood then some pink bubbles. The Billecart always surprises me for the elegance and intensity of the acidity, as soon as we popped the cork there were flavors that indicated a little age, so we looked and that bottle was disgorged in 2001, amazing!!! While sipping Champagne, shucking oyster and cracking stone crab claws I thought that life does not get much better than this! Maybe it could, but this is pretty damn good...after getting everything ready on the table we decided not to follow a particular order so I set 2 glasses one for the Quintarelli and the other for the Percarlo, it was interesting to see how going back and forth from red to white will work with the food. The Quintarelli had an evolution that surprises all of us; it started with elegance and a balanced acidity with flowers and a little citrus flavor. After a few hours it almost tasted like a Burgundy Grand Cru filled with tropical fruit, citrus and minerality. The wine was so impressive that Piers, a fervid believer that Italians can't make white wines, changed his opinion. It was an experience to be replayed having a small vertical of Percarlo, 1998 was rated by critics as slightly worse then 1999. Well we didn't have that impression; both Piers and I agreed on the fact the 1998 was drinking much better, it tasted much more traditional than the '99, it had more length and more depth, the '99 oak still hadn't integrated with the wine and was still a bit predominant. In favor of the 1999 I must say that the wine opened up with more time and knowing how much time the Percarlo needs to come around I'm curious to try it again in a year from now. After honoring the food and the wine it was time for dessert, I don't really have a sweet tooth, but I love the Lady M's mille crepes, a highly addictive and dangerous cake, a truly decadent sweet treat that I paired with the Villa Rinaldi Dolce di Creme, a sparkling desert wine made of Garganega grape, that was the perfect match with the dessert. Another great evening was about to end, and the empty "corpses" left on the table was a clear sign of it. We had finished everything on the table and went to sleep happy, satisfied and fairly inebriated by the events...

Buona Bevuta a Tutti