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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

From Patagonia with Passion

This is the story of a dream that it has materialized in a bottle of wine.
The story starts as usual in a glass shared with friends, that is what Piero Incisa della Rocchetta did in Argentina. " I had tasted a Pinot Noir that Hans (Vinding Diers) had made for Humberto Canale (a Rio Negro Specialist) and the wine hunted me".
Here is when the pursuit for the dream took him in a magical place were he found 85 acre vineyard with Pinot Noir plantings from 1932, 1955, 1967 and 1999.
Historically the Rio Negro has been the fruit growing center of Argentina, producing particularly apples. Chalky soil combined with a long ripening season under clear skies make it an ideal home for vineyards.
I had the "treintados" few night ago at Il Posto Accanto, which by the way is now open on Mondays, had it with my friend Piers, an English gentleman, Burgundy lover and connoisseur.
We opened the new released 2005 and decanted it, we had a little taste in the glass while we let the nectar breathe oxygen.
We appreciate the color with deep purple reflection, the nose filled with violet and herbal scents, in the palate the soft and yet firm tannins cleaned the palate for the long persistent finish of pure terroir.
Although the wine was still a baby, because of the age of the vine, it was already showing complexity and the secondary flavors of exotic spices, minerals and rose petals.
We waited until the food arrived, some amazing Oxtail Ravioli, to keep experiencing the bottle.
The wine kept opening losing some of the boise flavors and strangely enough showing firmer tannins, I must say that the pairing with the Ravioli was sublime. Piers comment to the wine was "extraordinary" I felt the same way. The wine is highly allocated and very expensive($ 120 plus shipping if you can get it from the winery I sell it for $ 160); little more than 2700 bottles and 150 magnums were produced in 2004.


SkiRough said...

Il Posto Accanto sounds really nice; I've been to bagetto before and loved it, but never made the overflow to the wine bar. Will have to check out!

De Vino said...

How can you train for Ironman, drink wine and go out at night?

SkiRough said...

Well, my philosophy is one borrowed from Mario Batali: "Wretched excess is just barely enough." :)

EVWG said...

Sounds like a real beuaty of a wine. I will save it my memory banks for a special occasion.


De Vino said...

Maybe will open a bottle with the blog fellows :)