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Thursday, May 17, 2007

The Wedding Day III

What a tedious sound is the alarm at 6 30 AM I must say I was still tipsy from the night before; so involving a lot of inner force and self discipline I managed to crawl into the shower to try to resume some functionality.
One thing I like of big luxury hotel chains is the "buffet breakfast" so with that as motivator I got ready and walked down into the restaurant around 7 AM.
The buffet was filled with eggs in different style, English muffins, pancakes, sliced bacon, cold cuts and cheeses, soups, potatoes, yogurts and everything else you might imagine, included the possibility to get a nice french toast .
After a good amount of eggs some bacon, few sweet sausage and 3 espresso I was definitely back on track and ready to go.
The flight was smooth and on time; in Verona the weather was cloudy but still very warm so I lower the top and drove again toward the Adige valley and once again the white flowered apple trees were saluting me under a mild breeze and a warm sun now.
After a nap and another shower it was time to get ready for church; all dressed up I met the others at Dennis's bar were a nice aperitif was set up. Delicious crostini some with caviar, some with mushrooms and all other delicacies were lying on the main table. On the other side of the porch there was the drinks table were, with surprise, I've found the Foss Marai Extra Dry Prosecco along with a big bowl of Spritzer which I've attacked after a nice cold glass of the Prosecco.
I spotted then Fede, the Strudel man that gave me a delicious apple pie for Mr. Koeppel, he is an Italian blogger and it was a pleasure meeting him in person after exchanging comments on the Internet world. It was wedding time Filippo, Christian and I took place on the front right of the church, our friendship goes back over 20 years and I must say we had our share of fun doing stupid things like...no I can't tell you about that sorry :)
Sfrutz's church is small and beautiful, white flowers were all around and the best sheets were out for the bride and the groom. The Bride, Elisabetta, was fashionable late and very beautiful, the ceremony went on pretty smoothly until the end when the bride of honor and I signed as witness on the church book. Filippo and Elisabetta were married now.
The dinner was served at the "Rifugio Sores", there we were welcome by Oysters, Beluga Caviar, Scottish smoked salmon and few trays of local cheeses and cold cuts.
All this "ben di Dio" was paired by some Magnums of Moet Chandon, kept cool in a large silver bowl. The Champagne disappeared pretty fast as well as the caviar and the rest of the appetizer.
The second part of the dinner was a buffet Trentino style with two kinds of polenta, Bianca and Nera, lamb shanks, veal stew and more delicious game meat.
The wine of choice was the Foradori Teroldego Rotaliano which was perfect for the food, the Teroldego is such a distinctive grape that needs high altitudes usually grown in Trentino Alto Adige but you can find it also in Veneto and Tuscany. In the Adige the Teroldego is used as the house pour in most of the local restaurants and bars, now the simple house version (not the Foradori) I tried up there were somewhat complex but most important they were clean and didn't pretend to be what they were not, in a way a reflection of the "Trentini" way of be.
Why is that here in the States this category of products do not exist?
A cheap wine here has to taste like something that is not, that is what you obtain with the use of the wood chips or other cellar tricks.
Back to the wedding the night progressed with the cake and after dinners that lead us to the open bar.
After couple of amaros I switched to beer and kept going until 4 in morning when Filippo and I joined for a night cup on my room's balcony and enjoy each other company for few more minutes talking about the past and the future.
Auguri Filippo I wish you a very happy life with Elisabetta.
To Be Continued...


Anonymous said...

Ciao Gabrio, how was the strudel? Remember that's the forst Fiordimela Strudel made by 100% Val di Non apples which goes into the States!!!

It has also been a pleasure for me to meet you there in "my" mountains!


De Vino said...

The strudel end up into Koeppel hands which told me that was fantastic like anything he ate before. I will let him know that he was the first palate on the states soil to be able to have that...
I hope I'll see you soon either in Italy or here in the Big Apple (tanto per rimanere in tema)

Terence said...

Ciao Fede and Gabrio. I am stuck in the Richmond, Virginia airport (late planes -- bad weather all over) -- but I have to echo your question about why simple wines can't be like the teroldego you had -- instead, made into something with pretension and crummy flavor. It's very frustrating.

Sounds like you had a great time. See you soon!

Fede - Fiordimela said...

@ terence: I think teroldego is a very special variety, form some reasons. It's a wine made 100% from teroldego grape, which only grows in a very small area north from Trento. I have tasted some other bottles made of a blend of teroldego and lagrein from austria but teroldego aromas were unregognizable into that.
Then it is a very popular wine, every osteria and bar over there pours it to people. Almost all of the production remains in the trento area. And finally just Foradori (with Granato) and Cantina Rotaliana (with Clesurae) make a more elaborate (and expensive) product. I love tha wine, anyway and I understand ehy it can impress people who drinks it if compared to price (great value!)

@ Gabrio: also give to Mr Koeppel my email! I'd like to know from Him about my strudel!

Hope to see you soon here or there, guys