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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

And the winner is....

Sometimes life reward you when least expected, last night Charlotte send me an email congratulating me for the award that De Vino had won on the New York Magazine.
Not knowing what she was talking about I went on their web site did a search on De Vino and there it was Best Lower East Side wine shop!!!!
WOW the best!!!!
I took 5 minutes to digest the news, than I sent an email to Charlotte to thank her for the good news and called couple of friends to let them check that was for real and I wasn't just dreaming.
Terence confirmed it right away with a nice post on Mondosapore, Piers ask me with who I had to sleep with in order to win, so it was for real my little shop actually did win!!!
What to say over than thank you to whoever voted me, thanks to the Neighborhood that had accepted me so well, obviously thanks to the many that had taught and inspired me through life and to my friends and family that made De Vino a reality.
Buona Bevuta a Tutti


TS said...

Congrats!! You deserve it. :)

De Vino said...

Thank you :)

SkiRough said...

Congrats! I always knew you were the best... perhaps even in Manhattan, not just LES!