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Friday, March 09, 2007

The Wine Connection

A bottle of wine can have a magnetic power to pull together people from different backgrounds and walks of life.
Last night I met with Tyler AKA Dr Vino, Terence of Mondosapore, Keith of EVWG, Anthony, a general contractor with a thousand other interests, and Bobby, a screenplay writer.
We all met because of a bottle of wine, Castello di Lispida Terralba 2002, that we wanted to taste.
I never met Tyler before and I must say he is a very witty and funny guy. Dr. Vino teaches at NYU and the University of Chicago where I believe he is from.
I met Terence at the shop a little while ago after I saw his blog and exchanged few emails. He is a writer and an English literature teacher, Terry is in love with Italy; his obsession started at a young age; he was 14 when he started teaching himself Italian.
Keith is the manager of In Vino. He deals just with Italian wines but he writes on his blog of all kinds of wines except Italian.
Anthony is a customer of mine, he loves wines and has a healthy obsession with it, we hang out at the store at times and talk about wine and beyond, that's how I learned that we have a friend in common and that he is a Yoga practitioner, a discipline that I myself love, even though I don't exercise enough.
With Bobby I hit it off immediately shortly after I opened the shop two years ago. He has an incredible passion for wine and cooking, art in which he can excel, once again it happened that one of my customers turned into a friend I see regularly.
Oh yeah I forgot about the wine, an impressive blend of Tocai and Ribolla Gialla dark yellow color, peach and honey flavors with good acidity and not overly intense. We also tried the Amphora, from the same producer, 100% Tocai fermented and aged in Terracotta, but unfortunately the wine was corked and sent to the kitchen.
The afternoon led the way to the evening and we all left Il Posto Accanto to go to Dr Vino's meetup held at Jadis, very nice and relaxing atmosphere, as soon we walk in my nose was invaded by a very good kitchen scent, which is always a good sign, I had couple of glasses of reds and met two of Dr. Vino's followers.
After that I met with one the members of BNI group, Terry McAvery is a CPA and a new wine lover. We met at the shop and then we went at Il Posto Accanto, again, for a nice bottle of wine and good food.
The wine of choice was the Castello di Cacchiano Chianti Classico 2004 which was elegant and clean with a long life in front. The nose was filled with leather scents the tannins were firm but sweet and lingering notes of fresh cherries on the palate, delizioso...
After talking for a little while about each other's business we found that we have a lot in common in how we carry our businesses. This was surprising, since being the nature of these businesses is very different.
Can wine put together cats and mice as well???
Buona Bevuta a Tutti


lamamandekiki said...

Gabrio I loooooved the decsription of the Cacchiano that I have copied right away. xxx

De Vino said...

Thank you Lama.
You should also get a bottle to see if the description is correct ;)

Anonymous said...

It feels good to be back among the world of the living. I have the same computer but for some reason it is working? Don't ask me how but I am just going to continue to get back in the network after a month long hiatus. I loved getting together to try some great and unique wine and talk shop. I am around. Just let me know when to meet for the next. I look forward to it. Talk to you soon. Ci Vidiamo!

Anonymous said...

Oh and by the way, next time I will take the night off! Sounds like the evening only got better. More wine, More food, more wine. I am definitely taking off.


Anonymous said...

Loved the comment on terroir on Eric's blog (comment number three). That is soooo telling that Cru Appellations were considered by traffic instead of soil composition. Nice! Talk about some major de-mystification. Talk to you soon. I am due for a visit at your amazing shop.


Anonymous said...

Your wine lover blog is just marvelous!