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Saturday, December 16, 2006

007 Less Finesse More Power

If you want to go see this movie please don't read this blog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A little while ago I went to see the new Bond movie after several people bragged about the quality of picture.
At first I hadn't paid attention to the fact the most of the positive comments were given by women.
After I saw the movie the connection become clear.
I will actually start saying that the movie was indeed very good, the story was intriguing and the action was not taken to the extremes reached in the past few 007 films.
The advertisement content was kept to a minimum, which is a positive change in my opinion. So you might be asking yourself why I'm writing about a movie instead of the great bottle of Sori Paitin Barbaresco 1989 we drank and the wonderful food that Chris Cannon and Jane Epstein had offered and shared with us at L'Impero if I liked the movie?
The reason why is the following;
That wasn't 007, maybe 008 or 006 but that was not James Bond. The real James knows how to dress, how to use violence as last resort and, more importantly, he knew how to order a bottle of champagne and how not to get fooled by a woman.
It look like somebody had fun in letting Mr. Bond drive a Nissan and even worst a Ford Mondeo, had a blast in taking the class out of him, adding a good dose of bullying and transforming the most "Soave" man into a violent and bleeding thug. I had the chills once I heard him order a bottle of Bollinger La Grande Annee without mention of the year what so ever, the bitter answer given to the bartender declaring the death of the "shaken not stirred" (yes the real 007 did gave a damn about how his drink was prepared).
I still can't believe that he broke into M's apartment going against the most common rules of decency and respect toward his boss. Unheard of!!!!!!!! And what about the classy comment after Eva Green had drown into the Venetians dirty waters, the use of that kind of language is not like James Bond style at all, I can't really see an English gentleman saying the B word refered to a death woman.
This Bond is too "human", too sweet (he actually says I love you to the woman that will eventually betray him), he makes too many mistakes - and one of them almost cost him his nuts.
Now I have one question on my mind - why did all of that happen?
Why make a 007 that appeals to the gentle sex (all my female friends were pretty impressed by the water scenes)?
Perhaps because the female audience became big enough to not to be left out?
Or maybe it was just about time for Mr. Bond to lose his aura and become more like us.
I will eagerly be waiting for your takes on that.


Anonymous said...

The line you mentioned about Eva Green dying is actually a direct quote from the Ian Flemming text...perhaps you should educate yourself about the character before you comment on what is or is not his style.

Anonymous said...

Sounds interesting what you are saying and makes sence if we compare it to the other james bond movies! but this one is very differen we must not forgett!!
this movie is how it all started with James Bond .when he was in his childshoes,when he thought that "duoble o's do not have a long live expectance..."He is still human at the end of the movie in the last scene is when JAMES BOND is born!