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Sunday, December 03, 2006

A nice end of the fall day on Clinton Street

I love this street because it has a unique feel different than every were else in this island. I like the fact that sometimes it takes me 20 minutes to walk up to Piada, half a block away from me,when I'm in need of some coffee or a nice sandwich, because on the way I stop many times to say hi to somebody I know. It reminds me of my neighborhood in Roma were leaving the house was almost a ritual; saying hi to the barista and talk about soccer while waiting for the espresso, than go little deeper on the discussion with the newsstand guy with the valid help of the grocery guy and so on (no kidding in Italy it takes for ever to do any thing :)
I love the diversity that Clinton Street carries, we have everything from the greasy cheap "Cucifrito" places to WD 50 were the food is science and talks to your brain; still in the food department I cannot forget Saschiko's, traditional Japanese restaurant with an impressive sake list, Cube 63, creative sushi BYOB, Falai and Falai Bakery owned by Jacopo Falai renowned Florentine chef, AKA and Frankie Spuntino. There are also eclectic boutiques like P-13, a t-shirt/herbal tonic teas/candle burning/bags and other amenities kind of shop and 20 Peacock filled with nice Italian shirts and ties. Clinton street is were the local doctor walks around with a real human skull; Dr Dave has been providing medical services since 1987, in what used to be not such an easy spot to be practicing the medical art, sometimes without charge for who ever didn't have the money to pay.
He drives an Electra glide and have tattoos all over his arms, one of them shows a sexy nurse riding a syringe, and ironically enough he also provide laser tattoo removal applications.
(Here he is in the picture with the mentioned skull!!!!)
Definitely eccentric, like the guy that in the afternoon runs up and down the street listening to his Walkman and shouting out all his frustrations to world and then, at night, seeing him working in a very respectable restaurant giving impeccable service.
I know I haven't talked about wine today but it was such a nice day over here and walking around looking at the people, looking at the half naked trees with the last few tenacious leafs holding on and just breathing the crispy air had inspire me to prize the street that so generously is being hosting me and my little wine shop.
Buona Bevuta a Tutti

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